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WordStructure Website Design


Website: Word Structure

Work Done: Website Design

Word structure is a renowned Films, television and communications business handled by Mr. Tim Coomber. It is based in The Netherlands. Mr. Coomber approached TWS for the design and development for the website for Word Structure.

The Problem
Film and communications is a highly creative field. It constantly demands new and innovative ideas. The task of designing a website for an entertainment company was a first one for Tulip Web Solutions and our team took it hands on.

It was required to plan a website with a glamorous look, yet one which achieves its mission of creating a strong market presence for our client.

The Solution
The teams from Word Structure and Tulip Web Solutions got together over a couple of brainstorming sessions to discuss strategy for the website. A fresh contemporary website was designed and developed by TWS and approved by the client. All regular features of Word Press and user management system were integrated, and all relevant services offered were duly highlighted on the web pages.

Finally, the website was tested and hosted on the World Wide Web.

The Result
The work on the website was completed within the time schedules. The resulting website came out to be as per the vision and mission of the client satisfactorily.

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