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Why Should Your Website be Optimized for Mobiles and Tablets

Mobile Friendly Websites

Desktops have become more of a thing of the past because 80% users use Internet on their mobile devices that include smartphones and tablets. The digital world is advancing and to keep up with the changing trends, businesses need to create new strategies and include new technologies in their plan.

There are far many reasons for businesses to move onto mobile platforms and serve their customers where they are most likely to be present. Let’s take a look at some reasons that will convince you to optimize your website to be mobile-friendly.

Let’s take a look at some reasons that will convince you to optimize your website to be mobile-friendly.

Did you hear About the Google’s Latest Algorithm Update?
On April 1st 2015, Google announced an algorithm change that put businesses into considering spending money on mobile-friendly websites. The update by Google was made to support the smartphone and tablet users. Due to the increased trend of mobile devices, more than half of the internet users are surfing for businesses online.

However, most of the businesses do not have a mobile-friendly website; they end-up being disappointed. To be honest, people no longer want to use internet on their desktops when they have an extremely convenient and fast option right in the palm of their hands; mobile devices.

That’s exactly what Google had in mind when it launched this new update that supported mobile-friendly websites to enhance user-experience.

According to this update, the websites that are mobile-friendly and have a user-friendly interface are going to get top ranks on the Google search engine. This is a great opportunity for businesses to improve their search engine rankings by designing a completely separate mobile-friendly website to move to the first page of the search engine search results.

A Mobile Device Travels with the Customers
If you still don’t think that you need to optimize your website for mobile devices, then you need to reconsider. There are an increased number of people that surf internet on their smartphones and tablets. The reason that this trend has shown to increase in a couple of years is the advancement in mobile technology. However, the biggest reason behind it is the convenience that these devices provide to customers.

With these fast and easily accessible mobile devices in hand, no one really wants to waste time on computers. The best part is that mobile devices travel with the users wherever they go. Therefore, providing businesses a greater chance to interact at all times of the day and increase their chances to reach out to customers.

The good news for businesses is that they can turn to Tulip Web Solutions to optimize their websites to turn them into mobile-friendly. At this time when Google is changing its algorithm and ranking criteria, it is extremely important for businesses to keep up with it.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Google is giving more importance to user-friendly websites and is bringing them on top of the search engine results. When you are able to get a good rank for your website, you have a greater chance to improve traffic, generate leads, and increase sales.

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