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Vibrant Living Recipes

Vibrant Living Recipes


Website: Vibrant Living Recipes (www.vibrantlivingrecipes.com)

Work Done: Website Design + Logo Design

About www.vibrantlivingrecipes.con is the brainchild of client Ebere Akadiri. Ebere is a food connoisseur. She has a deep passion for West African cuisine and culture. Through her website, she wants to spread the knowledge about West African cooking to Netherlands and the world.

Ebere is passionate about healthy living, nutrition and a better lifestyle. Living well, she feels, depends a great deal on what you feed to your bodies. She wants to dispense her useful advice, recipes and cooking tips, as well as sell her unique blends of African spices and sauces.

TWS helped her through creating a completely customized e-commerce store complete with products catalogue, user management, payment, shipping and invoice management.

The Problem
Ebere’s primary aim is to share her knowledge of West African cuisine and healthy nutritional recipes. For the recipes she provides, she sources authentic ingredients from farms. Apart from sharing advice and experiences, she wanted to sell her unique offerings.

She wanted to build a business website -cum-online store for showcasing her talent as well as her products- a website that would be easy to navigate, attractive and with a contemporary look. Her website would focus on her offerings in a clear manner.

The Solution
We at TWS designed the Vibrant Living Recipes Ecommerce store using WordPress as CMS and WooCommerce for the online estore. TWS designed a bright and lively Logo for the business, that echoes her passion. All the content of her work was divided into clear webpages reflecting her vision.

The website has been designed keeping in mind all the client’s requirements. The unique West African products- delicious spices, farm-fresh ingredients and vibrant sauces- have been displayed in a concise manner on the product pages. Clear payment options using PayPal and iDEAL have been provided for online transactions.

The Home page of the website itself incorporates a shopping cart and search tabs for an easy shopping experience. The Home page also advertises Ebere’s cooking workshops and other events that she holds from time to time. It introduces users to her novel Recipe-in-the-box concept.

We also created a contacts page form, using MailChimp contact form integration, where she can quickly be contacted for workshops or product-related queries.

The Result
Ebere’s vision has come to life with the website. She now shares the close-knit secrets of West African cuisine to the world, and makes people aware of healthy ingredients. Her cooking workshops are well highlighted – users can easily register for these.

The products that she carefully selects now find scores of buyers. Sales have boosted and so have profits.  Her community has expanded with her users getting in touch with her directly through her website.

The website www.vibrantlivingrecipes.com has been designed by Tulips Web Solutions for her virtual store. We at TWS have also designed a second website for Ebere, that is developed for her real brick and mortar store at The Hague.

This is what Ebere says about TWS:

“Thanks Arwa for your reliability and professionalism. You were very fast with the completion of the project and I really appreciate that. I can’t wait to meet with you sometime next week to learn all that I need to know with website updates.”

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