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Tara Philips

Cause and Affect Speeches

Website: Cause and Affect Speeches (www.causeandaffectspeeches.com)

Work Done: On Page SEO

Speaking is an art, more so Public Speaking. It is a skill very few have mastered, though a skill that goes a long way in shaping one’s career, personality and charisma. Tara Philips is a coach, who trains people in the art of Public speaking. Through her workshops, she helps her clients to dispel the fear of speaking and putting their thought in public. Her business website is www.causeandaffectspeeches.com.

Tulip Web Solutions provided Search Engine Optimization services to the website of Tara’s practice called Cause and Affect Speeches. We also carried out extensive Keyword Research for the website.

The Problem
As is what usually happens when a website is developed for a business but it fails to get in the desired traffic and clients – Tara’s practice was going reasonably well, but the business website was not giving the desired results. Newer clients were rare; the services offered were not reaching the target audience. A re-evaluation of the website was in order.

The Solution
TWS studied the different aspects of the website of Cause and Affect carefully. Certain key aspects that make a business website more visitable, or in other words, bring in more traffic to the website, were missing. Exhaustive Keyword Research was done by the team at TWS. Carefully selected prominent keywords were incorporated into the creation of the website along with technical SEO.

The Result
The on page Search Engine Optimization done by TWS made the website of Cause and Affect Speeches more accessible and approachable. It became easier for people who were interested in getting to the website through keying in prominent search words. The website began receiving much more traffic, resulting in increased profits and is now one of the most trusted training businesses among its target audience.

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