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Sunshine Aupair

Sunshine Au Pair Website Design

Sunshine Au Pair Website Design

Website: Sunshine AuPair (www.sunshine-aupair.com)

Work Done: Website Design

The Sunshine Au Pair agency, based in The Hague, is a recognized covenant holder of the Dutch Immigration Office (IND). It is headed by the hard working and extremely talented Lucy Lu.
The agency provides au pairs for couples as well as senior citizens staying in The Netherlands.
The website of Sunshine Au Pair was designed, as well as redesigned a year later, by Tulip Web Solutions.

The Problem
It was Lucy’s wish to have a strategic online presence for the Sunshine agency, with a contemporary feel, easily navigable interface and attractive landing page. The website would bring out the essence of the organization. It would bring together the hosts and the au pairs on one platform.

The Solution
Strategy sessions with the client were scheduled as per TWS work policy. These gave us a clearer picture of what kind of result the client actually wanted. The team got to work on the designs immediately to deliver according to the client’s expectations.

A completely new website was designed and developed at TWS for Sunshine Au Pair. The landing page was designed such that the people visiting the website would immediately warm up to the agency.
At every step of the website development process, inputs were taken from the client, so that the final product would be according to their requirements.

A year later, Sunshine approached TWS again, for giving an uplift to the website. Several changes according to the advances in the field were made to the website, and new improved user management system was integrated.

The Result
The Sunshine Au Pair website reaches out to a marked number of increased clientele after the redesigning process. Registration to the services and availing of the services of the agency has become a much smoother process for patrons.
Any issues can also be addressed in time due to clear contact buttons provided.

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