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Startup Exchange

Startup Exchange Website Design

Website: Startup Exchange (www.thestartupexchange.net)

Work Done: Website Design

Charlene Lambert is the Vice President of the Women’s Business Initiative International (WBII), an organization that recognizes and acknowledges women entrepreneurs, and aids them in their business efforts. Her latest project is The Startup Exchange, a platform where small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs can collaborate with like-minded individuals for the exchange of services and ideas.

On Startup Exchange, entrepreneurs can get all the help they need for their businesses, from ideas to funding to support. The project is based on a mutually- beneficial system.

TWS designed and developed the website for The Startup Exchange.

The Problem
When Charlene came to Tulip Web Solutions, she was full of passion for the new project she had undertaken. It is a one of a kind initiative for business people. Also. It became quite a prestigious assignment for TWS, due to its links with the WBII. Charlene wished to see the project online.

The task was to provide an unpretentious and simple online presence to The Startup Exchange in the form of a well-designed website. Apart from the usual activities that go into the making of a website, care had to be taken to keep all processes transparent for the users, as people would be putting in a lot of trust into these processes.

The Solution
After in-depth strategy sessions with the client, detailed plans were drawn out for each section of the proposed website. Continuous feedback was taken from the client. Finally the website was designed, approved, tested and hosted on the web.
The team at TWS took special care to construct the webpages and link integration, using Word Press, such that integrity and transparency is maintained at all levels. Clear call-to-action buttons are provided at necessary places.

The Result
The client was happy with the outcome, it being in perfect sync with her expectations. A vast number of entrepreneurs are now members of The Start-up Exchange and continue to benefit from the simple and easily navigable website that allows fuss-free interactions. TWS is glad to bring to life the passion of a fellow entrepreneur.

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