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Palestinian Film Festival Amsterdam


PFFA Logo and Flyer design

Brand: Palestinian Film Festival Amsterdam (www.pffa.nl)

Work Done: Brand Identity Design (Logo Design, Flyer and Business Card Design)


April, 2015 was an important time in the calendar of the Palestinian Film Festival. They held their very first event in Amsterdam. The Palestinian Film Festival hosted an interesting array of entertainment programs in its first Amsterdam edition. The festival featured modern cinematography through some of their latest films. There were screenings of movies filmed by promising upcoming directors of Palestine, performances and related programmes.

The festival organization was headed in Amsterdam by Nihal. Tulip Web Solutions designed the brand logo for the PFFA and the event’s brand identity in close collaboration with her. The logo design can be viewed on their website www.pffa.nl

The designing of a brand’s or a company’s logo is quite different from the designing of a website or a mobile application, in that the entire vision of the organization has to be captured within a single image or a few words or both. It needs a deep understanding of the motto of the organization, the occasion, the set-up and the objective.

The Problem 

Nihal required a logo that would reflect the ideologies of the PFFA. It would have to be something unique and eye-catching, something that would also linger in the memories of visitors. The festival needed an identity that would stand out in the city, as well as from their earlier events at other places. There was a need to impart a strong identity to the festival’s first version in Amsterdam, such that it would pave the way for many more editions to come in the future.

The Solution

TWS conducted detailed strategy sessions with Nihal. After brainstorming, an outline was prepared for the brand design. Several things were considered while coming up with the design-

  • The vision of the PFFA

  • The audience, their tastes and preferences

  • The message the festival wanted to bring out

  • The spirit of Palestine

  • Utility of the logo and its relevance in the present and the future.

The Palestinian Film Festival was brought out as a brand in Amsterdam. The event was imparted a beautiful logo according to the requirements. It was designed in a contemporary fashion. The colours of the logo bring out the spirit of Amsterdam and Palestine, while the image alongside speaks volumes about the event and its vision.

TWS designed and produced advertising paraphernalia such as flyers and business cards for the festival too.

The Results

The logo has become the identity of the festival. The entire brand development kit attracted audiences and sponsors for the film festival. The event was a huge success owing to the quality of its offerings for its patrons – its selection of some of the finest cinematography, and TWS is glad to have been a part of it.

Winter 2016 will see the second edition of the PFFA- that promises, besides film screenings, musical performances, exhibitions, discussions with prominent personalities, and much more excitement!

This is what Nihal says about TWS:

“Hey folks, The PFFA now has a logo, thanks to Arwa, a graphic designer from Tulip Web Solutions. And what an appropriate time to deliver it, as the festival is one month old today!
I needed someone who is patient, and who explains things well. Arwa is very talented and her prices are quite reasonable. I would recommend her for anyone who needs graphics (check out her site for all services). I’m definitely collaborating with her again for the fliers and biz cards!”

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