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Palestine Film Festival, Rochester, NY


Palestine New York Fim Festival Logo Design

Brand: Palestine Film Festival, Rochester New York (www.witnesspalestinerochester.org)

Work Done: Brand Identity Design

The Palestine Film festival holds its annual events at Rochester from 2012. Their Rochester edition is titled Witness Palestine, Rochester. This includes a host of entertaining film and cultural events.

Tulip Web Solutions partnered in the Witness’s 2015 edition in that the logo for the event was designed and created by TWS.

The festival hosted seven entertainment programmes including screenings, talks and presentations. The film festival in Rochester was under the management of Mara Ahmed

The Problem
Mara wanted the Palestinian film festival in Rochester to have a special and unique identity- one that would set the event apart from its counterparts at other venues, as well as from the other contemporary film festivals and functions of similar types. She also wanted that the PFFR should be able to reach out to its audience and send across the message it wanted to convey to the community.

It was, thus, required to craft an exclusive strategy for the complete branding of the film festival. The event also required a fresh and smart logo that patrons could identify with, and that would become the festival’s identity too.

The Solution
In keeping with the work process of Tulip Web Solutions, we had in-depth brainstorming sessions and discussions with Mara. She would put forth her thoughts on how she envisioned the Palestinian Film Festival’s brand to come out in Rochester.

Open-ended question and answer sessions led to the outline being carefully designed by TWS, and approved at each stage by Mara.

As there are scores of designs and brand logos out there in this day and age, it was a challenge to come up with a design that has not been previously thought of, that brings alive the spirit of the event, keeps the vision of the organisers intact, is true to the audience. TWS designed an eye-grabbing logo as per the requirements, in vibrant colours for the film festival. It can be viewed on their website www.witnesspalestinerochester.org

The Results
The logo has now become synonymous with the PFFR. It represents the film festival’s values and all that it stands for. All the branding and marketing paraphernalia of the event can now sport the logo as its identity.

This is what Mara says about TWS:

“We are a film festival based in Rochester, New York. We needed a logo for our film series and we worked with Arwa on that project. We found it easy to communicate with her and share our vision for both the graphics and text. Arwa was very flexible about using our ideas in developing the perfect logo for us. As with any artistic project, a lot of back and forth communication was needed to finalize the artwork. That process can be tricky but Arwa was extremely open about making a series of small, final changes in order to make sure that we were happy with the final product. I would be delighted to work with her again.”

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