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Odunife Web store Design

Website: Odunife (http://www.odunife.com/)

Work Done: Online Store Design and Development

One of the world’s largest continents, Africa is delightfully diverse in its culture. It is this African culture that Tamkara Adun pursues to share with the Western world through her e-store Odunife.

Tamkara is an entrepreneurial young woman from Africa, passionate about indulging the spirit of entrepreneurship among others like her. A strong sense of fashion and style took her into the realms of a business in fashion design, and her store Odunife was born. Through Odunife, Tamkara sells a diverse range of contemporary African fashion designs. Besides being a great platform for her to sell her designs, Odunife is also a forum for budding local designers for reaching out their unique creations to an international market.

The Problem
The design and development of Odunife online store required a lot of creativity and thinking out-of-the-box, because of the uniqueness of the business itself.
Our client wanted to share with the world the knowledge of the realm of designs of all things fashion and style, from Africa. There had to be a space that displayed the varied products on offer. Odunife being also a platform for contemporary upcoming and established African designers, the website, there had to be sufficient digital arrangement for the process to be smooth and appealing.

The Solution
We at TWS sketched out many preliminary designs for an e-commerce store for Odunife.  A very vibrant e-commerce website was designed, using minimal colour -combinations, but a bright and appealing palette suited to the theme of the business.

The website has a clear no-frill functionality, with most of the important information about the business available direct at-hand. Odunife has been developed on the lines of modern online stores- wish lists, shopping carts, products and payments are easy to approach.

New products and designs can be easily added as and when required.
Inspirational accounts of the designers showcased on Odunife lend authenticity and credibility, apart from giving the designers that extra boost.

The Result
We believe TWS has been able to do justice to a creative business as far as its digital presence is concerned. The Odunife e-commerce store designed by TWS fulfils most of the needs for an online business. Designers know where to display what category of their products, and buyers have a delightful experience browsing with ease the exclusive African pieces and style statements.
An easy shopping experience has given a widespread reach to Odunife designs, and will continue to expand the horizons for Tamkara.

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