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Kennedy Coaching & Consulting

Kennedy Coaching and Consulting

Website: Kennedy Coaching And Consulting (www.kennedy-coaching.com)

Work Done: Website Design


Julie Kennedy is an intelligent, smart and entrepreneurial life coach who currently runs a successful consultation practice. With a degree in Life Coaching and 20 years of experience, she provides coaching to her clients for various aspects of life issues- be it work-life balance or relationship issues. She gives valuable lessons in life to patrons and helps them in gaining a clearer perspective on the issues bothering them. her advice and insights have helped innumerable clients to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

She is the President of the WBII (Women’s Business Initiative International) -a close-knit group of some wonderful entrepreneurial women. TWS is a proud member of WBII from the last 3 years.
She has now also expanded into the foray of consulting- apart from life coaching, she now provides writing, editing and presentation services to companies and individuals as well.

Tulip Web Solutions designed the website of Kennedy coaching www.kennedy-coaching.com to incorporate all the required new features.

The Problem
It was required to completely revamp and redesign the existing website of Kennedy Coaching. She had forayed into new services- consulting, writing, editing, reporting and presenting- all of which had no mention on the existing website. Hence, these new expansions had to be showcased on the redesigned website.

TWS wanted to give a better representation to Julie’s voice and identity. The new website would have to reflect her prime purpose to serve her audience. We also had to make sure her services reach the maximum audience and have the maximum impact.

The Solution
Through Word press CMS, TWS created a completely novel landing page for her website. The new landing page brings a sense of calm to the visitor, clearly conveys the insights and vision of Julie behind her practice and it does so in a very engaging way too. Clear call-to-action buttons are immediately accessible on the landing page.

The website was given a makeover in order to make it visually more appealing. All the different services offered by Julie have been given equal significance, and have been showcased in such a way that would bring out their uniqueness and value to the clients. People looking for these services would have to face no confusion, such is the clarity of the easily navigable web pages.

The Result
Where previously the Kennedy Coaching website helped to establish Julie’s coaching practice, the new revamped version imparted a new confidence to the business. Besides being up-to-date on the latest trends and being developed using all the latest techniques and tools, the new website attracts many more patrons now, and retains them.

Julie has been receiving a lot more offers for her writing and editing services, which owes mostly to her superior consulting skills, with TWS happy to play a small part in her achievements.

This is what Julie says about TWS:

“Arwa worked miracles on my website. Extremely knowledgeable and professional, in her calm and focused way she managed to make sense of the jumble of my thoughts and emotions and convert them into a website which is not only efficient and pleasant to use but also conveys the feelings I associate with my business and what I do. She structured and programmed efficiently and was a paragon of patience. Though I am far from technical I felt in very capable hands and marvelled at how she brought it all together. She delivered my digital baby and I really enjoyed the process. I would most sincerely recommend her.”

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