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Joan Tol

Joan Tol


Website: Joan Tol (www.joantol.com)

Work Done: Landing Page Design



Designing a website for any business is an all-encompassing task. Once the website has been created, it is important to keep updating it as the business scenario keeps ever-changing. The business website showcases products and services that you have to offer.

It is also a great place for businesses to provide a platform for potential clients and customers to contact the business and avail of their services on the spot. This is what we did for Ms Joan Tol. Her website www.joantol.com landing page has been redesigned by Tulip Web Solutions, she wanted it done overnight so the best way to do it was through our Urgent Website Support Package.

The Problem
Joan Tol is a healer, counsellor and empowermentor. She provides motivational services to help people develop optimism and guide them to the path of realizing their full potential in life.

While her business website www.joantol.com showcases her services well, the people who wanted to avail of her services were not able to contact her and register for her services and her workshops easily. She wanted to redesign her landing page to advertise her workshops better. She wanted the clients to be able to register for her workshops directly on the website.

The Solution
TWS revamped Joan’s business website, especially the landing page, highlighting clearly the nature of her workshops and the ways to register. The workshops that she organizes are clearly promoted on the page, along with the venue, timings and other particulars in one place. Clients can see clearly the workshops offered by Joan now on the landing page.

TWS provided a link on the same page to register for the workshops, which made the whole process very simple for her clients. Clear call-to-actions buttons have been placed on the workshops tabs, to make it easy-to-click for the clients. The contact information was made clearly visible so that clients would have a sense of assurance.

The Result
Her business website is now more user-friendly and easily navigable. The workshops are now better highlighted. The registration process has become much simpler. Rather than going through a complex maze of instructions, people interested in joining Joan Tol’s workshops can now register quickly and without any hassles on the landing page itself.

When people visit the website, the colours and logo provide a captivating background, getting the audience interested in the content. More and more visitors to the website have begun registering directly for the workshops. This has boosted the business considerably, and also helped Ms Joan Tol develop trust among her followers and clients. This is what she has to say for TWS-

This is what she has to say about TWS-

“During the intake with Arwa, I experienced her as a true web expert. She knows what she is talking about, asks the right questions, thinks along, is flexible and works very fast.”

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