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JB Mobility

JB Mobility Website Design

Website: JB Mobility (http://www.jbmobility.nl/)

Work Done: Website Design

Jeroen Buis, a traffic and transport planner from The Netherlands, established J.B. Mobility with wife Liliana Gonzalez in 2015. A sustainable transport solution provider, Jeroen’s company provides intensive training to national and International clients, municipalities, engineers, NGOs and government officials on cycling policies, designs and cycling-inclusive planning. Through his one of a kind business, Jeroen provides extensive support to traffic planners for integrating cycling into their transport planning. JB Mobility has clients across the world ranging from Asia to America.

The Problem
Jeroen did not have a business website to begin with. For 20 years he had been working as a manager and consultant on cycling-based transport planning and sustenance across continents and governments. When he ultimately decided to launch his own business, JB Mobility, no doubt he had numerous projects planned for his upcoming company.

There is only so much exposure a business /service can get locally – through print or advertisements or even word of mouth. A visually appealing and well-executed website is the tool that largely promotes businesses, especially newly established ones.

And so, our very talented and qualified clients turned to TWS, for their following needs:
1. To develop and host a business website for JB Mobility.
2. To describe vividly their project offerings
3. To provide a platform to showcase their expertise in various transport-planning related fields.
4. To elaborate on their current projects
5. To invite old and new clients to work with them.

The Solution
Besides website design and support, TWS provides much more to clients, including logo designs and designs of all other paraphernalia. For JB Mobility, TWS began by having detailed one-on-one sessions, trying to understand as much about the company as possible, since the business is unique too in its perspective.
We designed a functional, no-fringes website for JB Mobility, with the minimum number of essential call-to-action buttons. A simple colour scheme of solid colour in blue and green is maintained throughout, reflecting the technical business-tone of the venture.

The front page of the website displays all the workshops, seminars, conferences, and basically all the activities the company is coming up with. Hence, as a client, it is very easy for one to locate what they are searching for.

The Result
JB Mobility has a strong online presence in the business-section with the freshly-developed website. The founders have been able to attract the audience and the clients that their business targets. With the hosting of jbmobility.nl, all the projects the couple undertake are advertised in real time, and more importantly can reach out to people who would most desire them and benefit from them. TWS wishes them good luck, and will always be there for all kinds of required support.

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