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Influence of colours on web design


Yellow is cheerfulness, blue is serenity, red is energy- colors usually signify some abstract emotion. Customers and buyers lay a lot of emphasis on colors while making purchases, as is revealed by numerous studies and statistics. 83% of buyers make their purchases based on the look and color of the product. It might not show very obviously, but colors have been found to influence a user subconsciously.

How colour-scheme matters to your website?
It is the colors and the aesthetics of a website that are the first to catch the eye of the user. A well-designed website keeps the user glued to it, engages the user and motivates them to keep browsing. Conversely, when a website has poor color coordination, most users tend to leave the page within a span of a few minutes.

Selection of colour palette is important for a website: Colors can make or mar the logo of your web page. There are instances of successful businesses whose brand is recognized based purely on a particular color.

Since you display a significant amount of your products, services, values and the vision of your business on your website, it is prudent that the matter is easily readable on screen. This is possible when the right color contrast between the text and the background is selected while designing the website.

Warm colors such as browns, reds, oranges, yellows impart a vibrant and optimistic look to the website, while too much of blues, whites, and greens can make the website look dull and impersonal.

The proper selection of colors is crucial to the success of your website because of the following reasons-
1. A correct scheme of colors used makes your website look professional, and not like some lay unkempt website.

2. The human mind is conditioned to assign certain emotions and ideas to particular colors or color combinations. For example, a too brightly colored website appears flashy, whereas a dark palette would exhibit a pessimistic allure to the visitors.

3. The right color palette can make the website look attractive so that users are drawn to click on links and browse the website longer. This ultimately means your website is going to get more exposure and vis-à-vis more business. A website designed in warm colors gets noticed by users looking for high-quality services.

4. When your business is about a brand, you have certain colors associated with it. Designing your website in a similar palette would strengthen your brand identity. For example, companies that are involved in organic products and environment-friendly services would mostly prefer greens, light browns and yellows to design their websites.

5. The websites targeted towards different age groups should be designed in colors that would work for that particular group.

6. In the age of social media, colors gain all the more importance. When the background of a website clashes with its text, the text is inscrutable. Such a website causes irritation to the visitors. Therefore, an appropriate color contrast is necessary for the website to be readable.

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