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Hearts2Care Website Design

Website: Hearts2Care (www.hearts2care.com)

Work Done: Website Design, Brand Identity Design


Hearts2care is a psychotherapy services provider company set up by a charming young entrepreneur Ms Rubina Anis. Rubina has lived in multiple countries and has a vast expanse of knowledge and experience hence. She provides a host of behavioural and counselling therapies through her independent practice, including children’s therapies.

Psychology involves a number of disciplines ranging from the treatment of mental illnesses to helping people overcome traumatic experiences. Rubina provides these through her practice Hearts2Care. She also offers counselling sessions for adults, couples as well as children, during which she helps them cope with and overcome life and relationship challenges.

The Problem
When she set up her psychological therapy practice, Rubina needed to spread the word about her services and make her practice known to a wider population. With this in mind, she approached Tulip Web Solutions. We at TWS proposed to design and develop a professional business website for her practice, design a logo for the therapy services and impart her business a professional brand identity.

The Solution
Psychotherapy is a branch of behavioural Sciences that deals with the mental health of people. Psychological therapists are specialists in human emotions. The website to be designed for displaying and popularizing the treatments offered by psychologist had to be designed with utmost care.

The whole idea was to gain the trust of the clients who would require these services. –trust can only be gained through complete honesty, and that is exactly what TWS imparted to the designs it created for Rubina.

After thoroughly understanding what she needed, TWS chalked out a plan describing her counselling and therapy services. Finally, www.Hearts2care.com came into being. The website has been specially made client-friendly. All the therapies and services are showcased honestly, with all the details described transparently.

TWS designed a logo that would become the identity of the business. The logo along with the website helped her stand out from other businesses of the class.

The Result
Through the website www.Hearts2care.com , Rubina’s offerings came to be known to people outside her circle. As internet search is the most popular means of finding what we require in these times, the SEO (Search Engine Optimized) features incorporated by TWS made sure her business came on top of searches. As a result, her client base expanded a great deal. It has always been Rubina’s ethic to be transparent and honest with all her patients and clients. Her work ethics are upheld with this new website of her business.

This is what Rubina says about TWS:

“It has been a very pleasant association with Arwa and getting my website up and running. The website has given a new visibility to my private practice. Arwa has provided all the technical support needed to develop the website. She has also given inputs on how my services should be marketed. Her service is great and very affordable for a small business enterprise like me.”

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