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Healthy Mind Works

Healthy Mind Works Website Design


Website: Healthy Mind Works (www.hmworks.nl)

Work Done: Website Design + SEO, Corporate Identity, Blog Post Content Creation



As we have worked with more and more business websites, TWS has received ample opportunities to grow and diversify. With our clients Healthy Mind Works (or HM Works), Tulip Web Solutions has expanded its horizons to a great degree. It is our utmost pleasure to have collaborated with HM Works, in the process of delivering them the services that they were looking for, TWS got to foray into hitherto uncharted territory of Blog Positing (providing content).

HM Works is a service provider that aims to help people struggling with stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders through therapy and counselling. Sound mental health is the need of the hour in the stressful and testing times of the 21st century. Unlike psychiatrists, who diagnose mental disorders medically and prescribe medications for treatment, a psychotherapist counsels patients, listens to their problems, lends an emphatic ear, and helps sort out life issues through changes in behaviour, thought processes and lifestyle.

TWS redesigned the HM Works website and provided a series of inputs to make it more accessible to its clients.

The Problem

Camila needed to add much more content to her website of Healthy Mind Works. The website needed to be more proliferate, advertising in a more detailed manner the work that Camila was doing. The services she offered had to be described in a clearer manner, so that people could understand better and register for the therapies easily if required. She needed to induce awareness about mental health conditions to more people- to spread out word to those who might be too hesitant to go in for these services.

A complete makeover of the website was in need.

The Solution

A series of strategy sessions were held with Camila and the following work was done:

  • Her existing website was redesigned keeping primarily in mind the promotion of her services in the counselling and consulting domains.
  • The workshops conducted periodically were highlighted, with clear instructions on venue, timings pricing and other details.
  • On page and off page Search Engine Optimization has been done for this website by TWS.
  • The blog has been built for Healthy Mind Works, and updated by TWS, resulting in more than 25 blog posts over a period of five months.
  • TWS also designed business cards for Camila. The business cards for Camila have also been designed by TWS.

The Result

The state-of-the-art new website designed for HM Works gives a better representation to Camila’s values, ethics, vision and identity. The inbuilt SEO has resulted in gaining more traffic to the website, attention of target audience, subsequently resulting in a boost in business. The blog posts have gone a long way in making the website more informative, popular and at par with the growing needs of the business.

This is what Camila says about TWS:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank publicly Arwa from Tulip Web Solutions for a wonderful job in redesigning my website. She did a fantastic job and she helped and supported me throughout the all project with ideas and suggestions. I definitely recommend her to anyone.”

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