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– How does the design and development process work?

At Tulip Web Solutions, we follow the Iterative model of development to offer Customized Web Solutions to clients. In this model, the website/application is built, once the scope of the project is defined and locked with the client. Thereafter, the design is enhanced based upon the feedback provided by the client, with the aim of 100% client satisfaction. The design and development process is divided into the following phases, making it extremely easy and convenient for clients to define specifications and get the desired final product. 

Client Requirements: After an initial meeting with the client, scope of the project is defined, listing out all client requirements in as much detail as possible. A requirement sheet is filled up with these details and sent to the client, along with a contract defining milestones, deliverables, timelines and budget very clearly.

Concept and Sitemap: Once the requirements are defined, the initial conceptual design (logo design, graphics) along with site navigation and sitemap is prepared and shared with the client.

The Development Phase: The website/brand identity/app is developed.

Review (Feedback): Client reviews and gives comments. Client approval is requested at each step to ensure that the project remains on track.

Revision: Taking the feedback into consideration, the product is revised and delivered to the client for approval. We have just one revision policy – 100% client satisfaction.

The Testing Phase: Before going live, the product is tested thoroughly with emphasis on providing the best customer experience.

The Launch: The website/app goes live creating client’s unique brand presence on the internet. Support and maintenance is provided as requested by the client.

Support and Maintenance – Tulip Web Solutions provides 7 days of free website support and maintenance. After the 7 day period all maintenance, code fixing and browser upgrades will be charged a fee.

– What services does Tulip Web Solutions offer?

 TWS offers a bouquet of services including –

Φ Website Design
Φ Brand Identity Design
Φ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Φ WordPress Tutorials
Φ Mobile App Development

– Do you offer any web design and development packages?

TWS offers 3 web design and development packages. The idea behind this is to help the clients choose the exact services they are looking for, thus making it convenient for them to define specifications and get true value for money.

– What about the text and images on the client website? Do you provide copywriting and photography services as well?

Yes, we do provide copywriting and photography services for client’s projects at an additional fee. Please contact us for more details.

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