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Emilia Vancini

Emilia Vancini Website Design


Website: Emilia Vancini (www.emiliavancini.com)

Work Done: Website Design


Art is the soul of our culture. How dull would be our lives and how boring would be our evenings without music ! And so it was a real pleasure designing a musician’s website, complete with songs and audio. The website www.emiliavancini.com, which was completed recently, is

The website www.emiliavancini.com, which was completed recently, is for the beautiful and talented singer from Italy, Ms Emilia Vancini.
Emilia is an accomplished musician who has travelled a lot. Her travel experiences reflect in and enrich her music. She is a trained pianist as well, and captures hearts with her soulful voice.

The Problem
Emilia had a functioning website showcasing her music. However, the website was not very organized, and didn’t reflect her vision the way she wanted. What she wished for was a contemporary website with a fresh look and feel. Her business website would convey her passion and provide a great experience for her listeners.

The Solution
At Tulip Web Solutions , we redesigned her website using WordPress as CMS. With WordPress we were able to impart a modern and fresh user interface to her website. The new website is more focussed on her vision. All of Ms Emilia’s requirements were kept in mind while upgrading and redesigning her website.

The client website was redesigned stepwise as below:
1. The most important improvement that was brought about to the website was to collate all her sales platforms at one place. This was done on the home page of her website itself. The home page now has clear options for purchasing her music from itunes,soundcloud,amazon,spotify and edbaby.com

2. The entire webcontent of the website was organized into separate pages.

3. Music pieces from her albums were added to enrich the web experience, the home page itself introducing users to her melodious “ Hey John” and other music pieces.

4. The “ recordings” page has been upgraded through links to social networks and shopping websites.

5. A “ Contact Form” page has been built for client and user interaction.

6. The website has been given an extremely fresh look with the use of bright cheerful colors. Showcasing a bit of her life through her pictures gives a personal touch to the website.

7. TWS also provided Emilia with a two-hour training session towards the completion of the web designing. During this session she was trained to manage the back-end of the website on her own including updating text and images.

The Results
Through the above efforts, sales of her music CDs has become a lot easier with all sales platform at one place to choose from. This has boosted sales and increased profits. Users can now share their favorite music from her Recordings page to facebook, twitter, linkedin and a host of other social profiles. Clients and fans can contact her with queries instantly. She can now make minor upgrades to the website as and when she desires.

This is what Emilia says about TWS:

“In Arwa I found the perfect combination of professionalism, patience and a listening ear. Arwa listened to my wishes and to my needs and she realized them in my website. She also has the rare gift of being able to translate computer and internet jargon, making this “mysterious” world more accessible to uninitiated people like me. Arwa has always replied promptly to my messages, it’s very easy to communicate with her. Thank you Arwa for your help, input and advice and for making my website so beautiful! “

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