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Direct Languages Center

Brand Identity Design for DLC


 Website: Direct Languages Center (www.directlanguagescenter.nl)

Work Done: Website Design, Corporate Identity Design (Business Card, Flyer and Online Advertisement Design)

Sonia Meijer is one of the esteemed clients of Tulip Web Solutions. She operates a Languages Institute in Holland that she established two decades back. The website for her Languages centre has been designed and developed by TWS.

An American, educated at prestigious institutes in Michigan and Brazil, Sonia has many feathers in her cap. After qualifying as a Translator purely on the basis of her intellect and merit, she played the diverse roles of a diplomat and a professor before building up her own business. She has among her clients some of the most prestigious and popular organizations and companies of the country.

The Problem
Sonia believes that to be a successful business in the modern times, your business must have an online presence and one that should be continually updated. She approached TWS for the complete package of website design and for crafting a unique identity for her brand.

The Solution
The task of designing the languages center website was a vast and all-encompassing one. The TWS team worked relentlessly to bring Sonia’s visions to life. A strategic session was conducted with her in order to gain complete clarity about her needs, so that the end product would meet her expectations.

Firstly, we created a modern, completely updated website for the Language Institute. The website showcases all of the programs and services offered at the institute. There are clear tabs and tools for functions of signing up and contacting the institute. User management integration has been provided.

TWS made available Word Press Tutorials for Sonia. This has enabled the client to make necessary changes as and when required, after the hosting of the website on the World Wide Web.

TWS crafted a special identity for the Direct Languages Centre of our client. Our team came up with a distinct and sophisticated design for the business cards of the institute. The website and the cards both feature the characteristic designs and logo of the Language institute that makes it stand apart from its contemporaries.

TWS remained with our client till the very end, in the form of carrying out online advertisements for the business. We designed flyers and brochures for promotional strategy of the company too.

The Result
Just as the client wanted, the Direct Languages Center website keeps the users of the business updated about the happenings, promotes the business to newer audiences popularizes its courses, and is continually being a major reason for the success of the company.

This is what Sonia says about TWS:

“Working with Tulip Web Solutions has been easy. To build an ever changing website is never so easy as we may think. It also involves a person’s personality and wishes. One thing made it possible and easy with Tulip Web Solutions – the owner who is very flexible and understanding. She never made it a problem to work at all hours and making numerous changes. In other words, all went easy with much understanding and working together was pleasant.”

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