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Corpo Natura

Corpo Natura ecommerce store


 Website: Corpo Natura (www.corponatura.com)

Work Done: eCommerce Website design and development

Designing an ecommerce store is very different from designing a website. This is one of the services offered by TWS. More than 60% of businesses are conducted online today and almost 3/4ths of the major businesses, consultants and service providers market their products through online stores or e-commerce websites.

And so it happened that when Anouk approached TWS with her proposal for creating an online store for her business, we lost no time in getting to work. Anouk wanted to bring to life her passion for natural beauty products. During her years of research, she had come to the realization that nature, and not chemicals, can bring everlasting beauty. She created and crafted her own products, all of which are totally organic and chemical-free.

The Problem
TWS was designated the task of creating an online space for Anouk to sell all of her unique collections of cosmetics. This e-commerce store had to be developed from scratch. Corpo Natura Organic Cosmetics wanted to make organic natural products available to European as well as American buyers.

There are scores of online marketplaces on the web today. So, why would a buyer visit yours? This is a question that TWS takes very seriously. Therefore, we have to keep it uppermost on our minds to leverage our creation above the client’s competition, and focus on the target audience during the designing process.

The Solution
First and foremost TWS consultants gained a full understanding of the project, goals and vision of Anouk for her business. On the basis of meetings and sessions, a first look of the web store was created and approved by the client. Under the customized package for e-commerce stores, TWS provided the Corpo Natura store with fully automated content management, payment and shipping, shopping cart and user management integration systems.

The store hosts customizable platforms for Dollar and Euro-paying users. As you visit the e-store, the bright and lively visuals that greet you- the graphics- have been input by TWS too!

The web store has been developed such that it is mobile-friendly, and can also be opened on other devices such as Tablets easily.

The Result
Within the stipulated time, Corpo Natura e-store was created and hosted on the web. Many years of Anouk’s hard work paid off as her dream came to fruition in the form of her online store where she could make accessible her wonderful products that she had crafted with care. Easy shopping and payment gateways on the web store helped in bringing in customers from the start.

This is what Anouk says about TWS:

“I want to give big thanks to Arwa from Tulip Web Solutions for the outstanding, beautiful and professional work she has done with the design and development of the webstore… I am extremely picky, very demanding and it was lot of work. We finally made it to what I believe is a very beautiful result !! Neethless to say the process and result was very professional on her side so a big applause to her.”

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