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Brand Identity Design – What & How?

When you create a new brand, the only way to make it recognizable is through different graphic elements including logo, business card, advertisement, brochures, flyers, and leaflets.

When these elements combine, they create a perfect branding strategy that helps brands increase their popularity and act as brand recall elements. When your brand is new to the market, these visual aspects act as its identity. The more creative and attractive these elements are, the better your brand identity will be.

Logo Design

Logo is a mark or a symbol of representation for any brand or company. This logo acts as a brand’s identity in terms of its services and products.

Therefore, it is extremely important for every business to have a logo that defines the company’s purpose clearly and makes use of relevant colors, text, and design. A good logo design is the one that creates a connection with the company’s offerings.

Tulip Web Solutions offers logo design services to clients that are looking for enhanced brand image and identity to attract as many customers as possible. The logo designed by TWS also helps in brand recall for newly launched businesses. The designs are easily recognizable and memorable.

Online Advertising Campaign Design

TWS also offers online advertising campaign design for businesses that are looking for increased brand awareness. We conduct an in-depth analysis of clients’ target audience to design a campaign that is highly targeted and delivers the right message. We also conduct discussion sessions with clients prior to designing to ensure that our designs comply with the brand’s values, beliefs, aims, and positioning. TWS also offers consultation services to clients that are looking for re-branding.

Defined Color Palette

A brand is often recognized by a logo that has one or two defined colors that represent it. This corporate image of a business plays a crucial role in its success. The entire online advertising campaign and other brand identity elements need to be in harmony with the logo, especially the colors.

If the colors of your logo and other graphic elements are different, you will fail to create a connection, which will result in poor brand recognition and recall.

Tulip Web Solutions offers graphic design solutions to businesses that want to achieve great brand recall. This means that the entire online campaign will be in sync to the logo design and the layouts will be in harmony in order to create a close connection between every visual element so that each one of it leads customers back to the brand.

Consistent Design

Tulip Web Solutions offers consistent designs for branding purposes as it is the key to making a brand recognizable. When you send out a message to your customers using a consistent design and layout, your customers will be able to recognize you without even looking at your brand name.

If you want to create a rock solid brand identity using visual elements, then opt for Tulip Web Solutions graphic designing services which will put your brand at the top.

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