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Barbara Pilates

Barbara Pilates Website Design


Website: Barbara Pilates (www.barbara-pilatesexperience.com)

Work Done: Website Design


Another one of our Cherished clients, who Tulip Web Solutions loved to work with, is Ms.Barbara Mazzanti. A charming, intelligent young woman from Italy, Barbara is a certified Pilates instructor. She has established her practice in The Netherlands. TWS redesigned her existing business website that displayed her Pilates knowledge and practice.

One of the most popular fitness trends in the modern century, Pilates, is practiced by men and women alike all over the world. It is Ms Mazzanti’s dream to impart the knowledge of Pilates she acquired to the public. She believes in holistic health, and makes physical and mental fitness her first priority. Pilates, in her opinion, is a form of exercise that not only promotes physical fitness, but also re-aligns one with the inner self.

The Problem
The task her was simple to look at – Barbara practiced Pilates and taught Pilates to aspirants too. Her practice had its online presence through her business website http://barbara-pilatesexperience.com. When she had begun her practice, just to set it out, she had needed to have a website for its promotion, as is very practical in our times. A website was created for her that showcased most of her work.

After a while, Barbara branched out into other aspects of her business- into taking Pilates classes and workshops, besides her usual practice. This required updates and innovations to her website. A fresh perspective was also needed as her business had grown, and along with it had matured and developed her mission and vision too.

The Solution
Innovation is key in the world of website designing. Your business website has to always be updated and up-to-the mark. TWS redesigned the Pilates experience website of Ms.Mazzanti. Her workshops and classes were better highlighted in order to give the much-needed exposure. Clear call-to-action buttons are provided right at the landing page for visiting clients.

Social media integration tools were incorporated, along with giving a contemporary look and feel to the website right from its home page. Links to numerous of her Pilates videos have been put up, where the interested readers can immediately get access to the workouts.

The Result
As soon as one lands on the Pilates experience website, the designing conveys the passion of the founder. The website has now made Barbara’s work much more accessible to people interested in this form of fitness, which is what Barbara had always versioned. She strives to help people as much with her knowledge as she can.

This is reflected in the innumerable bookings she now receives for her workshops and classes. The revamp has also ensured that the website remains on top of searches among its contemporaries.

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