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An insider look at how we work


Tulip Web Solutions was started in 2012 with a vision to contribute creatively to the world of the web. Art is not life, but as we get busier living our lives, Art breathes freshness into our routines. It makes us more human. This is what inspires us at TWS to create, design and exhibit visual and linguistic art in the form of websites, applications and the other plethora of services that we offer.

Over time, apart from creative satisfaction, the faith and contentment of our clients have become the driving forces behind our efforts. The happy smiles of our patrons signify work well done and time well spent on our products.

The process
Hard work and dedication notwithstanding, there is a lot of creative brainstorming and one-on-one interactions with the clientele that goes into the creation of web products at TWS. This is what we call the Iterative model that offers customized web solutions to the clients.

Through this series, we wish to give our patrons and customers a glimpse of what goes on at TWS and where their inputs lie.

One of the major services that we offer is Design and Development of websites and mobile applications. A website might be developed within a span of a month, or it might take a few months before it can be made live on the internet, depending upon the specifications. Whichever might be the case, the entire process is completed in 8 phases at TWS for the convenience of our clientele who might know little or nothing about the creation of a web product.

The phases:
1. Client meet– A first meeting with the client is always needed to define the scope of the project. For ease, TWS offers a requirement sheet, which is filled up duly in accordance with the project’s necessities. This list, along with the project contract is sent to the client. This defines the milestones, deliverables, project timeline and budget concisely.

2. Designs and Sitemap – The TWS team comes up with design mockups for the product. This includes the site navigation and the conceptual design and graphics for the product, which are shared with the client and duly approved.

3. Development- When the go-ahead is granted by the client in Step 2, the actual work on the product begins. This is the phase when the website or the application is actually built, complete with the logo designs, text and graphics.

4. Feedback – Nothing goes off the shelves of TWS without client approval. This ensures that the project remains on track. Once more, the completed product is shared with the client for their review and comments.

5. Revision- Changes, if any, are made to the product during the revision phase, in accordance with the feedback received.

6. Testing– After a final consultation with the client, the product is tested thoroughly before taking it live. The emphasis is on providing the best customer experience.

7. Launch – The TWS team launches the product on the web creating the client’s unique online brand presence.

8. Post-launch support – TWS provides free website support and maintenance for 7 days after the product launch.

The TWS team provides full support to the client for upgrades as and when required, and helps to keep the web product up-to-date.

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