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Alpaca Luxe


Alpaca Luxe SEO

Website : Alpaca Luxe (www.alpacaluxe.nl)

Work Done: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Adwords

Alpaca is one of the most chic, elegant and top varieties of wool used for manufacturing highest quality knits, scarves, and cushions, baby wear products and more. Diana deals in the manufacture and sales of alpaca wool clothing and furnishings. Her business is based in The Netherlands. The online boutique for Alpaca Luxe is www.AlpacaLuxe.nl

Diana had come to Tulip Web Solutions with the request to make her website more reachable to its target audience, in order for her to further the reach of her business and get in more sales. TWS provided SEO services to the Alpaca Luxe website, along with a train of related and follow-up services.

The Problem

Diana is a successful entrepreneur. Her classy and unique products found quite a lot of takers during the initial years. Soon her business was well established owing to her hard work and the genuine products that she offered. The website created for the business popularized the business.

After a while, however, the website lagged behind in bringing new business. Word of mouth can just reach as far, her loyal clients were still with her, but she needed more and more new people to know about her products. A good look into the matter revealed the reason for this. The website for alpaca Luxe was not being promoted well. It was not coming up among the top results during Google and other searches.

The Solution
When you need some product or service, what would you do? In our times, one would immediately log into a search engine and run a search for the requirement, isn’t it? For a website to come up among the top web searches, SEO tools need to be incorporated into it.

That’s exactly what TWS did for Alpaca Luxe. TWS took a three-pronged approach to solve the matter
1. We provided on page and off page Search Engine Optimization for the website.
2. After in depth discussions with the proprietor, the team at TWS carried out extensive and exhaustive keyword research process. This led to the finalising of certain keywords that would optimize the website for search engines.
3. TWS web designers created an extensive Google Ad words Campaign and handled it through till the final stage.

The Result
Alpaca Luxe is now a feather in the cap of TWS. The hard work and dedication of the team paid off. This was visible in the results that followed –
The Alpaca Luxe website came up in the Top 10 Google Rankings for almost all of the keywords that had been devised and selected during the optimization process.

The Ad words Campaign played a major role in spreading the word about the client’s website. The frequency of the website coming up during search engines on most of the search engines increased manifold.

Ad words increased revenue, and SEO resulted in a tremendous boost in sales.

This is what Diana says about TWS:

“It was a very nice and interesting experience working with Arwa, her involvement in my project , smart and knowledgeable inputs and suggestions. And for me her most valuable input was making things smooth and understanding my company stage and needs. Certainly the time she invested in my project was not measured or limited.. she just wanted to drive optimal results with open and constructive exchange of opinions. Even schedules, time or locations are no barriers for Tulip Web Solutions to understand her clients, which I did not find in other companies. If you are looking for an involved partner to help increase business, I would recommend Arwa and TWS ! “

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