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6 reasons your website could do with a fresh logo

Logo Design

Can you recognize a McDonald’s outlet from afar just by the giant “M” in front of it that is visible at a distance? Does a partially bitten apple not symbolize Apple Inc.to you? The 5 colorful interlocked rings signify the Olympics not to one person, but to the whole world!

A logo is one of the first things we, as users, notice about a business if it has one. A logo is to a brand what a trailer is to a movie. Like a window, a logo gives a glimpse into the business and its products. It is an integral part of branding. Not only for big Corporates, has a logo helped in building the brand of a small business too.
No doubt the feature that most attracts users to a business /company is the quality of its products and services, but branding (and its integral component-logo design) is becoming increasingly important for businesses to establish their identities.

One of the best decisions companies, age-old as well as new start-ups, can take is to get a logo designed for their business. Over the years, the logo would represent the business, its ethics, its products, and the features that the brand stands for. With time, as your business evolves and grows, so should the logo.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to redesign the logo of your brand/business-

1. When your business has grown-
If you began your entrepreneurship with a certain segment of products, and over the years have evolved into a larger business with many more diverse services to offer, your previous logo might not represent all your business’s current standing. A logo redesign would be a must in order to showcase the entirety of your business portfolio.

2. A focus/ideal shift –
A few years back, your business might be standing for a certain different set of values than it is now. A change of the business’s focus, like in the case of Starbucks, mandates a fresh brand logo too.

3. Evolving technology and modernism-
The users of your products are continually adapting to the modern times. A freshly designed logo would appeal much more to the aesthetics of the consumers than one that was created for your business a few years back.

4. Adapting to social media-
Just in a span of a little more than a decade, social media has taken business marketing by storm. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest- there are a plethora of options available for business marketing now than just the occasional newspaper and television adverts. The new logo of your business would have to be compatible across all the social media platforms.

5. For a professional touch
A professionally done logo has a whole new process of thoughts and creativity put into it. So now after your business is established and you can afford it, chuck the hand-made old logo and go get one done by an expert.

6. Be competitive –
The market is full of businesses perfecting not only their services, but their user-engaging techniques as well, and you need to stay on par with the competition.

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